Car Insurance

Mr. Hansen from the Dean Hansen Insurance Agency explains how car insurance works.

Change A Car Tire

For more "Dad, how do I?" videos, see the Youtube channel (direct Youtube link, will not play on school network).

Clothing Repair
What should be in your sewing kit

Mrs. King discusses what should be in your sewing kit and how to thread a needle.

How to sew on a button

Mrs. King explains how to sew on a button.

Simple hem repair

Mrs. King explains how to repair a hem that has come loose. 

Cooking Healthy Meals

Health coach Vero explains how to make affordable, nutritious meals that keep your brain and body healthy.

Self Defense

Shaynee Sustaire and Jean-Luc Feliciano from Sustaire ATA show us how to defend ourselves from wrist grabs. Remember to practice responsibly and use these skills only when you have no other choice.

The One Thing - Goal Setting With A Purpose

Mrs. Michel Morales explains how to set and achieve goals using the methodology from the book "The One Thing" by Gary Keller.

The Power of Compound Interest

Mr. Kirk Reagan, a Lovejoy parent, explains how you can make The Power of Compound Interest work for you.

Zoom Like A Pro

The professionals at Barnes Team Media give you some essential tips on how to Zoom like a Pro.

Presentation Skills

Barnes Media provides some key fundamentals, learn about he 3 P’s and must dos to present effectively.